Tuesday, May 24, 2011

White Tiger Protection

Look out your back door.  I’m hoping you see a small hill to the western side of your yard. This is the area that the White Tiger inhabits. It’s another of the fantastic creatures that helps to protect the invisible, unfelt energy known as chi that surrounds you and your family.

The White Tiger is represented by a slight rise or elevation in the landform of your property.  His area rests in the west and is guided by the element metal. He is known to be equally as strong as that factor. When you have reached the level of success that you seek and have obtained the blessings of health and of wealth, the tiger watches from in hiding and springs forth to defend your successes from loss. He adopts a cunning nature, knowing when to strike and when to only observe.

Cultivate a rising landform on your property if there is not one there. This is a place in which he can rest. You may need to build a small berm, which is easily done, or shape bushes that may already be growing on the western side of your property into the shape of a small hill. These can symbolize the hiding place of the White Tiger and is where security will linger for those in need of protection.

Plant white flowers and bushes on the berm you have built.You can find many varieties in garden shops such as at a Lowes or your Home Depot. White is the color that represents the tiger and these will help to make him even more strong and powerful. There is no certain plant that would be better than another; but the color of the plant that is important in your choice. Also, do not build the height of your hill area greater than that of the Dragon area located to the eastern side of your property. To do so would diminish the strength of the Dragon. You are striving for harmony in all things.

This spectacular creature holds the key to the certain safety of your family. Invite him in.  When you have a tiger in residence on your property, you have the feng shui equivalent of absolute reliability.



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